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Daniella Shapiro, Guest Speaker for the Innovative Forum at Liberty Life - Personal Branding - Snippet

Entrepreneur LaunchPad Publication

May 2014

Entrepreneur Magazine Publication

Bet on yourself, invest in yourself and own yourself. Be honest and open about your success as well as struggles and communicate consistently.

The DaniellaShapiro.com brand resides within the hearts and minds of customers, clients and prospects. A strong brand is invaluable as the battle for clients intensifies day by day. It is so important to spend time investing in researching, defining, and building your brand. Your entire brand is the source of a promise to your client. It is a fundamental piece in your marketing communication and one you cannot be without.

I now get headhunted by companies and clients to set up and develop a marketing strategy for their brands and either launch them into the market or maximize their current business marketing strategy.

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Destiny Managize - Power Top 40 Publication

October 2014

Destiny Magazine Publication

Shapiro’s never been afraid of a challenge. In 2009 she bought and rebranded the City2City marathon and, in three short years, increased participation in it 10-fold. She’s involved in all things brand-related, from web engineering to planning corporate events and developing her own condom brand, Loveglove, which comes in 12 distinctive colours and flavours, aimed at different “personalities”, including the chocolate-flavoured Ninja and the banana-flavoured Handyman. Loveglove will soon be available in Dis-Chem, Pick n Pay and Spar outlets.

Shapiro attributes her achievements to her proactive and tenacious approach. “I’m not afraid to step out of my comfort zone,” she says. If she had to sum up her philosophy in one word, she says, it would be “disruption”. “For entrepreneurs, the hardest part isn’t necessarily creating an idea. It’s getting that idea noticed in a cluttered market.”

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In The Spotlight

Daniella Shapiro

Daniella Shapiro is Founder and CEO of DaniellaShapiro.com, a consulting company on the front lines of marketing, social media and branding strategies. Breakthrough blurbIT™ platform content creator, Daniella is constantly innovating new ways of pioneering brand communications and creatively formed connections.

Daniella recently launched the Oolala Collection Club, an eCommerce platform, which fuses high-end luxury beauty and lifestyle brands with affordability and accessibility. Soon to be hosting a number of Oolala takeovers, Daniella is no stranger to trending events.

With a BA degree in Marketing Communications and an Honours Degree in Brand Leadership, Daniella owned and organised the Bonita's City2City Marathon for 3 years. Previously, a Co- Host on CliffCentral & contributor to PowerFM, Daniella has been featured on CNBC Africa, in Destiny Magazine's top 40 successful business women of the year 2015, in Entrepreneur Magazine and, is currently a regular expert contributor to the Entrepreneur Magazine Online platform.

Daniella is passionate about standing in front of a crowd inspiring others by sharing the latest marketing industry trends, tips, hacks and her personal business experiences. Daniella loves to be outdoors running half marathons, looking for new challenges, climbed Kilimanjaro and summited in 2009. Daniella has completed a Sign Language course at Wits Language School, a Dale Carnegie Course in public speaking and a diploma course in Spanish.

Daniella has an uncanny knack for keeping up to date with the latest trends and an unrivaled network of resources to make it all happen.

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So what makes Daniella different?

Why should you come back time and time again.

Why should you use our services?

Because Daniella is Young, Trendy & Full of Innovation. This isn't enough in itself, but when you combine it with her love for Creative & Strategic Thinking, great things can happen.

Why DaniellaShapiro.com?

We aim to innovate, inspire and lead. blurbIT™ is revolutionizing the content marketing and social media space through its affordability, customized content and turn around time.

BLURB YOUR BRAND...Let us show you how!
"The future doesn't just happen, it gets happened."
The DaniellaShapiro.com brand cannot be cloned.

What our clients say

I can definitely say that I'd recommend DaniellaShapiro to anyone. The team was critical to us dissecting the consumer insights to be able to develop a new co-brand platform that will allow us to grow beyond our current space. Additionally, the teams knowledge of business models and communications was extremely valuable in our development of a communications strategy and pipeline. Overall, I really enjoyed working with DaniellaShapiro.com they helped us create great value for consumers.

Standard Bank - Business Development Team

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